Our Guiding Principles:

United for Charitable Assistance is a patient-led, patient-focused coalition dedicated to education, advocacy and awareness about the importance of non-profit charitable assistance to American patients and their families. The efforts of the coalition and its members are guided by the following principles:

  • Non-profit charitable assistance is a critical safety net for many patients and their families, particularly those living with rare, chronic, complex, or life-threatening conditions.

  • Patients and their families that rely on charitable assistance to afford care have no other options. Charitable assistance is their last resort.

  • United for Charitable Assistance and its members oppose any effort by public or private payers to curb access to lawful charitable assistance.

  • As policymakers, public and private payers, manufacturers and other stakeholders consider solutions to lower health costs, they should not take any action – such as the promulgation of copay accumulator programs – that undermines the availability of charitable assistance to the patients who currently rely on it for access to health care.

  • Policymakers should codify protections to charitable copay and premium assistance, including reestablishing the ability of patients to use charitable assistance programs without discrimination and have charitable assistance count towards their out-of-pocket maximum, and formalizing the current regulatory framework for charitable assistance by transitioning from OIG opinions to a formal Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) rule or codified law.

  • Some rare and chronic disease patients need and lawfully receive both charitable assistance and government insurance. In general, patients who have access to insurance through a government program such as Medicare or Medicaid should access coverage through those programs rather than turning to charitable assistance in the private insurance market.




Our Member Organizations:

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